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Dental professionals want to provide the most complete service to all of their patients—but some patients present very specific or special needs that may not be the best fit for your practice focus. Some patients require equipment and experience in special needs dentistry that entails practitioner mobility, and/or sedation options that you may not be able to provide.

If you are a patient caregiver, case manager, or nurse, you recognize the need for home care dentistry provided by a dentist familiar with your special needs, home or wheelchair-bound, or senior patient.

Itani Dental San Francisco specializes in treating your phobic, senior and special needs patients or charges by providing:

  • Over a decade of experience treating special needs, phobic or anxious, and senior patients,

  • A full spectrum of sedation dentistry options, including affiliation with several bay area hospitals for general anesthesia needs,

  • Dentistry to Your Door home care dental services,

  • Portable dental screening for groups (senior living communities, and residential centers),

  • Collaboration with caregivers, case managers, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities.

We appreciate all referrals, and are dedicated to providing the best care possible.

Please see our referral form HYPERLINK FORM which streamlines the interoffice process and provides your patient with all information necessary to be treated by Itani Dental San Francisco.

  • We provide care for immobile or special needs patients in our office or at your patient’s home through our Dentistry to Your Door program, developed for those with special needs or limitations that make travel to a dentist difficult. This includes patients who are wheelchair or bed-bound, those with disabilities, dementia, severe obesity, uncontrollable movement challenges or other medical and/or physical limitations.

  • We evaluate the most appropriate course of treatment and sedation options for our phobic, senior adults and special needs patients, and we keep you informed of your referral’s progress.

  • We are available 24 hours for Dental Emergencies (415) 685-0011.

Dr. Itani’s hospital affiliations include: California Pacific Medical Center Hospitals (CPMC Sutter Health); Kaiser Permanente San Francisco; and Marin General Hospital. Dr. Itani is also President of the California Hospital Dental Group, a member of the Special Care Dentistry Association, and a member of the American Association of Hospital Dentists and is Commissioner for the Department of Aging and Adult Services in San Francisco. Itani Dental San Francisco is a leading special care dentistry provider, uniquely positioned to provide the best quality service for patients with special needs.

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